Curriculum Advisors

WISE has assembled a diverse group of educators who have served in a number of capacities, ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to Post-Graduate studies.  Our team includes classroom teachers, curriculum specialists, staff developers, college professors, and administrators, providing participants with a broad perspective on current issues in education.

Thank you to the following educators for your support and expertise.  WISE Professional Development could not exist without your faith in our mission:

  • Linda S. Bausch, EdD, Educational Consultant, Chairperson, Literacy Education Department and Associate Professor, School of Education, Dowling College; Author, Boys Will Be Boys?  Bridging the Great Gendered Literacy Divide
  • Larry Berman, Past Vice President, Quogue UFSD Board of Education; Principal, Southwest Elementary School, Brentwood UFSD, retired
  • Jonathan Chiaramonte, Social and Emotional Chairperson, Sachem Central School District
  • Tania M. Dalley, EdD, Principal, River Avenue Elementary School, Patchogue-Medford School District
  • Marilyn Friend-Ituarte, Principal, Northeast Elementary School, Brentwood UFSD
  • Joan F. Harney, Math Specialist, retired, Brentwood UFSD
  • Lisa Omeis, EdD, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Elementary Instruction, Lindenhurst UFSD
  • Lisa M. Robinson, Assistant Principal, retired, Southwest Elementary School, Brentwood UFSD
  • Elizabeth Sheehan, Special Education Teacher, Brentwood UFSD
  • Erin Skahill, Principal, Eagle Elementary School, Patchogue-Medford School District
  • Laura Symons, Reading Specialist, Brentwood UFSD; former Adjunct Instructor, Literacy Education Department, Dowling College
  • Christie Tedaldi, Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Elementary Education, retired, Brentwood UFSD
  • Eileen Welch, Coordinator of Math and Science K-12, retired, Brentwood UFSD